Simplicity at It's Finest

Served with ‚Äčelegance & pride


Flavors from all over the world

At Bella Dulce Catering & Fine dining we focus on California fusion with international inspirations. Bringing the best of all worlds together in one magnificent bite. 

Order Food, We Drop It Off

Busy bees? We can relate! Let us prepare a casual lunch for the office or a delicious custom dinner for parties and events of all occasions, deliveried at your convience.

Drop Off Service

Banquet Buffets

Having a wedding or special event coming up? You can count on us! We bring  decadent flavors together displayed with abundance and class. Create unforgettable memories with our custom buffets!

Buffet Dinners

Plated Full Service Dinner

Make a truly remarkable immpression! Bringing together the finest ingredients, phenomenal wait-staff and chefs to create the most elegant and memorable 


Full Service